Non-Teaching Staff Satisfaction Feedback Form

Your feedback will help us to ensure that we continute to meet your training needs.(1.Not Satisfactory 2.Average 3.Satisfactory 4.Good 5.Excellent)

Total Score 0 / 120

* Schools Vision, philosophy objectives are referred to and reflected in school decisions.


* Students are Disciplined and respect the staff members.


* Counseling facility is available for the staff.


* School Provides continuous opportunities for the development of staff.


* Equal opportunities for all the staff are provided.


* School has adequate medical facilities and are well-equipped to handle medical & other emergencies


*Restrooms, Toilets, laboratory, playground, and classrooms are clean and well maintained.


* The Rest rooms, toilets, laboratory, playground, classrooms are clean, airy and well maintained and clean drinking water is available.


* Clean drinking water is available.


* There are separate toilets for girls and boys.


* The library is well equipped and is accessible.


* The school pays attention to the conservation of environment & waste management practices are implemented.


* There are regular evacuation/fire drills for disaster management.


*The school has provision for differently-able children/staff.


* The Principal/Head is approachable and accessible and believes in building partnerships.


* The school provides conducive working environment with growth opportunities.


* Administrative system are in place including handbook/Job Manual/Induction Policy etc.


* The staff is appropriately represented in governing body.


* Data, documents, records and evidences are well maintained.


*There is a mechanism of feedback, review and performance enhancement for the staff.


* Parents are satisfied with school mechanism and policies.


*Capabilities/Potential of staff are fully utilized.


*Staff development needs are identified program initiated for the same.


* Instructional leadership/Mentoring is evident and innovative practices are encouraged.