Students Satisfaction on Teachers Feedback Form

Your feedback will help us to ensure that we continute to meet your training needs.(1.Not Satisfactory 2.Average 3.Satisfactory 4.Good 5.Excellent)

Total Score 0 / 120

* Introduction given ( of self and topic )


* Dress, neatness and appearance.


* Writing on the board , figures , diagrams (visual aids).


*Usage of classroom language.


*Circulated during the class to check all the students.


*Eye contact with the students.


*Gestures and postures.


*Speak loudly and clearly.


* Communication ( language , choice of words, grammar and fluency )


* Encourage students to ask questions.


*Arouse students interest and encourage them for participation.


* Used words and expressions within the student level of understanding


* Was there any other element of creativity (by way of certain examples)


*Subject matter knowledge / command on subject / topic .


* Presented subject matter systematically and clearly


* Aptitude ( ability, skill and talent ) displayed.


* Methodology taught for student understanding.


* Answered the questions.


*Class control.


*Time management.