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* The school's vision, philosophy and objectives regarding curriculum, student teacher development, assessment practices and Innovative Programs.


* The Annual Curriculum Plan of the school integrates academic, social, physical and emotional needs of the students.


* School provides opportunities for continuous development and capacity building of students through effective implementation of CCE and other good practices.


* Teachers use a wide range of strategies/methods/ innovations to cover diverse learning styles to make the concepts understood.


* Infrastructure, including Computer Labs, Science Labs, Math Labs are appropriate and meet expected standards.


* The school has adequate medical facilities and is equipped with nurse/ doctor to handle medical and other emergencies.


* School has adequate medical facilities including nurse/ doctor in campus.


* The Rest rooms, toilets, laboratory, playground, classrooms are clean, airy and well maintained and clean drinking water is available.


* There are separate toilets for Male and Female Teachers.


* The school looks into the academic, social, physical and emotional developmental needs of the teachers.


* The library is well equipped and has a good collection of books and related material for teachers.


* School pays attention to conservation of environment and has taken initiative on implementing waste management practices.


* The school has provisions for Differently–abled children.


* There is a sense of safety and security in the school and regular evacuation/fire drills for disaster management are carried out from time to time.


* The Principal/Head is approachable and accessible and believes in building partnerships.


* Instructional leadership/ Mentoring is evident and innovative practices are encouraged.


* Equal opportunities are given to all the teachers.


* The teachers are given in-house training and motivated to participate/ collaborate with other educational endeavors / agencies.


* Recognition/appreciation/ incentive for the individual work is given in the organization.


* Capabilities and potential of the teachers are recognized and further groomed by the school for reaching optimum levels.


* The school plans excursions and field trips for teachers.


* Abundant opportunities are provided for teachers to learn, grow and demonstrate leadership skills opening career growth path.


* The school facilitates academic research and undergoing educational programmes.


* There are clear policies and instruction manuals for effective teacher functioning with open communication channels in the school.