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About ODM


In the year 1989, 10 students entered into a small dingy room which was supposedly their school and this was the first step towards a big dream visualized by a visionary educationist Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan, the Founder-Chairman of ODM educational group. With numerous degrees into his pocket and myriad career options before him, this man chose an unsteady and thorny path of establishing a school which would be a school with a difference and serve the mankind with real knowledge.That small room with 10 students was the beginning of what you see today as ODM Public School.


To impart Holistic Education for life-long learning and to create world-class citizens and to ensure that
Every child is well attended
Every child is good and smart
Assimilation of Eastern Values and Western Intellect


Empowerment of human excellence
Education of highest quality in diverse spheres to meet the global challenges
Create a society of progressive-thinking individuals who can initiate positive changes in the social fabric
Fortify universal brotherhood.



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