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This document has been published in accordance with the guidelines mentioned in the Information Technology Rules, 2011 that insists on the publication of terms and conditions and privacy policy for access to The Company has been established in accordance with the laws of the Indian Government. For the sole purpose of this document, wherever the context of You or User has been used, it will imply that the reference is to any natural or legal individual who has agreed to the terms and conditions of usage of the website and the services provided by the same by entering information while registering on the website. ODMEGROUP also allows users to browse through the website without registering on the website. Terms such as We, Us and Our will imply ODMEGROUP. ODMEGROUP might offer search services through a Website, Mobile Application, Telephone, SMS or any other medium. When a User accesses any of these platforms or mediums, the User is bound by the Terms and Conditions enlisted on this Website.

General might change the Terms and Conditions of use of this website without giving prior notice to the Users. Registered or Non-registered users of the website are responsible for regularly checking the Terms and Conditions of the Website for any new changes to the same. ODMEGROUP uses a wide range of information, content, graphics, website design, look and feel of the Website, photographs, animation, advertisement and audio materials to ease the research services provided by the Website. The information reflected on the Website is for personal and non-commercial usage of the visitors or users of the website. ODMEGROUP has adopted every suitable process to ensure the authenticity of the information displayed on the Website and other search Platforms provided; however, ODMEGROUP is not liable for any loss or damage incurred to the Users due to the usage of information provided on the varied platforms.Users are permitted to use, distribute and copy the information provided for personal and non-commercial use only. Users are restricted to mine data, scrap data, or use processes to send queries to ODMEGROUP through automated software of any nature. Users are restricted to use the Website to collect data about various vendors of a particular product or service. Licenses to users are not granted in accordance with the laws applicable under any Copyright, Patent, Trademark or Intellectual Property Rights on the information, materials, technology, product or service used in the Website. All such rights are preserved with ODMEGROUP, its parent company or any other third party that has been granted the rights for the same. The name and the logo of ODMEGROUP, the products, design, content, and slogans are Trademark and Service Mark of ODMEGROUP and its subsidiaries. Other trademarks are solely owned by the respective owners of the listing. Users are not allowed to use the marks, name, and logo for advertising purposes in any commercial manner without a consent from ODMEGROUP Team. Users are advised not to send or share any information that is confidential or copyright information. Personal Information can be shared by Users, which will be kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Policies enlisted on the website by ODMEGROUP. Material, including but not limited to reviews, feedback, questions, answers, and other suggestions will be considered as non-confidential. ODMEGROUP has no obligation to keep information (other than personal details) confidential or reproduce and distribute the same.ODMEGROUP will use the techniques or know-how shared by the Users for developing or manufacturing new products or services in the information provided.

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